Excavator Attachments for Volvo

Volvo creates some of the best engineered, most dependable excavators on the market. When you choose to outfit your Volvo excavator with American-made excavator attachments, you’ll gain the power and precision needed to accomplish any task, no matter how rigorous.


High-Quality Excavator Attachments Made in the USA

CMP Attachments takes pride in manufacturing some of the ultimate excavator attachments for Volvo excavators. You can use our Volvo excavator attachments for many different occupations, such as construction, landscaping, and mining. We build and test all of our excavator attachments in the United States to ensure they meet all standards of quality. A Volvo excavator upgraded with our premium attachments should have little trouble completing even the most arduous tasks thrown its way.

We carry an inventory of excavator attachments for all Volvo models, including the ECR18E, ECR20E, ECR25D, EC27D, EC37, ECR40, ECR50, ECR58, EC60E, EW60E, ECR88D, EC140E, ECR145E, EC160E, EC200E, EC220E, ECR235E, EC250E, EC300E, EC350E, ECR355E, EC380E, EC480E, EC530E, EC550E, and EC750E.

The excavator attachments that we make for Volvo excavators are:

  • Grapples, including both rotating and non-rotating Hydra and bucket grapples
  • Buckets of all types, such as skeleton, talon grab, milling, tilt, and concrete slab
  • A variety of other excavator attachments, including forks, lifting booms, rippers, packers, shears, leveling bars, and more.


Are you unsure what type of excavator attachment would be best suited for your intended usage of your Volvo excavator? Consult with our expert staff and they can advise you on which Volvo excavator attachments will perform the best in your line of work.

Excavator Attachments for Volvo

Cutting Edge Attachments for Volvo Excavators

When you come to us for excavator attachments, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing American-made products that have been rigorously quality-tested. Speak with CMP Attachments today if you’re interested in purchasing any of our Volvo excavator attachments!