CMP Attachments is based out of Clear Lake, MN, making some of the highest quality equipment attachments on the market. Our goal at CMP Attachments has always been to serve customers with the highest quality products, all proudly made in the USA.


We've always had a passion for equipment and building new things. We have learned over the years how to be innovative and carry our ideas throughout the whole process. We currently build all of our products here in MN, and our goal is to continue to expand the business locally and create great jobs in America.


It is a high priority of ours to provide products that are 100% USA made. This is becoming too rare these days. We have always loved challenges and meeting good hardworking people along the way. We started out making dethatchers in a small shop. Staying true to our values, we've grown into an extremely capable company, making a lot of noise in the industry with our innovative products, quality, and customer care.


We can take on any custom project to help make your business more efficient and profitable. We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into designing each piece thus far. Cost and reliability must not only exceed the competition, but do it at a lower cost as well. All while still being USA built. We also strive to learn from the consumer, taking in feedback and making changes as necessary to help keep our products at the peak of quality and reliability.


We are very aware that our success so far could not have been achieved if not for the amazing dealers that have given CMP Attachments a chance and the opportunity to serve them and the customers buying our products. This has paved a very nice road for CMP Attachments so far,  and we hope to help you along your journey and save you money and time to keep us all thriving in this great country, The USA.

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Clear Lake, MN

Dethatchers: Email parts@cmpattachments.com


Excavator & Skid

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