Hydra Bucket

The Hydra-Bucket is the most versatile skid steer bucket on the market. It’s the swiss army knife for your skid steer, and you won’t want to take it off.

We’ve designed and patented an attachment that will serve as an ultra heavy duty general purpose bucket, but also give you the option to grind, shred, and pulverize with the carbide toothed hydraulic spinning rake in the heel.


  • Oversized ball bearings are triple sealed to protect from the elements.
  • 2 cutting edges on either side of the drum shred material as it passes over.
  • High torque hydraulic motor is housed inside the drum for ultimate protection.
  • Ultra hard carbide mining teeth on drum.
  • Additional control from the direct-drive and powerful motor which only protrudes 2.5″ beyond the side plate.
  • Crossover relief valves help dampen shock to the hydraulic system.
  • Bidirectional drum ensures obstructions and jams can be cleared.