Modular Tilt Rotate Bucket

The CMP Modular System uses a bolt pattern to secure your top, rotation drive, and tilt cylinder in various configurations to your attachment.

Modularity allows the attachment to grow with you. As you upgrade machines, you don’t need to buy all new attachments, just get some new tops, bolt them on in 10-15 min, and you’re up and running. The bolt pattern is universal from 35-80 class, so it goes the other direction as well– you can keep your same tops and swap attachments between them in that 10-15 min window. Have an impact and a wrench in the cab and you’re golden.

The ability to swap tops increases resale ability, as the buyer would just need to buy a top from us that matches their machine specs, regardless of it matching up to your brand, model, and size.

As your company grows, your budget will grow along with it. To start, you can buy a fixed connection attachment, just a bucket with pins, for instance. Then as your needs and budget grow, you can purchase and bolt on the tilt module for more capability on grading jobs. Lastly, you can bolt on the rotation drive module which will give ultimate functionality for material transfer, grading, ditching, edging, and so much more.

Compared to a tiltrotator, this system is a fraction of the cost. Closer to 1/4th.

The tilt cylinder and rotation module are bolt-on components for the Modular Tilt Rotate Bucket. This allows you to start with a premium USA made bucket, add tilt when you’re ready to upgrade, and finish it off with the rotate functionality when you want maximum efficiency. Or order everything at once and have full 5 axis mobility that fits in your budget.


  • Overbuilt heavy duty construction utilizing high tensile material.
  • 360° high torque rotation.
  • 35° Hydraulic tilt each direction.
  • Replaceable hardened cutting edge.
  • Tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability and prevents rust.
  • USA Made