Root Rake

Our Mini Excavator Root Rakes are reliable, low maintenance, and ultra heavy duty. They’re an unbeatable solution for root, debris, and rock separating with your excavator. We have multiple models available, including toothless or replaceable tooth designs. 35-80 Class machines are built on our Modular Bolt-on System for ultimate versatility and the ability to add on tilt and rotate modules in minutes.


  • Curvature has been tuned to match that of a digging bucket, maximizing your breakout force when raking.
  • Gussets strengthen the tines and prevent bending under side load. 
  • Bidirectional models are available upon request for push and pull raking.
  • Heavy duty construction utilizing highly wear-resistant and high-tensile steel.
  • Tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability and prevents rust.