Hydra Leveler

Introducing the CMP Hydra Leveler. A custom commission started the ball rolling, and now we’ve added them to our product arsenal. We utilized our time-tested drum design and hydraulic motor from the Hydra Bucket and stuck it in a leveling bar. Additionally, the drum raises and lowers to your set height as you run the drum. Stop running it, and it raises up leaving a level surface to efficiently grade.

The carbide toothed drum allows you to condition and pulverize hard ground while leveling, expediting the prep process and leaving you with a better finished surface for sod, seed, patios, or any other project you’re conquering.

  • ​Extreme duty high tensile steel construction.
  • Tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability and prevents rust.
  • Made in the USA with our “Made Here. Made Better.” 1 year warranty.