Non-Rotate Hydra Grapple

Grab on with your Engcon, Steelwrist, Rototilt, or whatever Tiltrotator you like and get ready for greater profitability, more speed, and less down time. Lock valves come standard on all cylinders, meaning hydraulics are not needed after clamping to objects which allows a return to full excavator operating speed. This speed saves time, inhibits exhaustive fuel consumption, and reduces heat exposure to the hydraulic systems.

Our variety of bolt-on cutting edges offer more job versatility and uptime. No matter your machine size, from 2,500lbs to 120,000lbs, we have a Hydra Grapple for you.


  • Edges are built with heavy duty hardened steel. High tensile strength and maximum hardness ensure ultimate longevity throughout the entire chassis.
  • Rigid quality control during manufacturing ensures reliability and consistency.
  • Our exclusive hydraulic cylinder lock valves efficiently hold material without needing to continuously apply auxiliary hydraulic pressure.
  • Stress-proof bolts are able to withstand tremendous amounts of flexing and fatigue over the lifetime of the grapple.
  • Interchangeable bolt-on edges allow the user to choose the best edge for the job. Smooth, serrated, rubber, or shanks/teeth are available.
  • Our add-on tooth bar is ideal for excavating or grabbing boulders and other large objects.
  • Signature red & black tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability and prevents rust. Other color combinations available upon request.
  • USA Made. Backed by our “Made Here. Made Better.” warranty.