Vibratory Roller Packer

Our Skid Steer Vibratory Roller Packers are unmatched in compaction and coverage over large areas. Gravel lots & roads, building & construction sites, equipment yards, or utilities jobs; our roller packer will outperform a ride-on roller, and you used your skid steer to do it. With a built-in dozer blade and cutting edge on the front of the chassis, you can move and grade dirt with the same attachment you’ll use for compacting. For those wondering about the compaction rating… It’s a lot.


  • Internally mounted shaker box provides intense vibration for maximum soil compaction.
  • Dozer blade on the front of the drum allows for material leveling prior to compacting.
  • Pivoting quick attach allows the drum to adjust angle on unlevel surfaces.
  • Replaceable rubber mounts dampen vibration to the operator.
  • 72″ to 84″ sizes available. Also available in Mini sizes.
  • Extreme duty high tensile steel construction.
  • Tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability and prevents rust. Black is standard, custom colors available.