Excavator Attachments for Link-Belt

Link-Belt excavators are sturdy, reliable machines that can be used effectively for all types of jobs, especially when upgraded using cutting-edge excavator attachments. The right bucket, grapple or other attachment can improve the performance of your Link-Belt excavator, allowing it to make short work of even the most complicated projects.

Premium US-Made Excavator Attachments

At CMP Attachments, we keep a spanning inventory of state-of-the-art excavator attachments that can be used with any Link-Belt excavator. Our variety of Link-Belt excavator attachments have applications in every industry from construction to landscaping. Every excavator attachment in our inventory is built in the United States and put to the test to ensure exceptional quality. Our attachments will help your Link-Belt excavator perform flawlessly, no matter the type of work you’re doing with it.

Our premium excavator attachments can be attached to all Link-Belt excavators, including the 170 X4S, 190 X4S, 220 X4S, 260 X4S, 300 X4S, 355 X4S, 130 X4, 160 X4, 210 X4, 250 X4, 300 X4, 350 X4, and 490 X4.

Our line-up of Link-Belt excavator attachments consists of:

  • Grapples, including both rotating and non-rotating bypass and Hydra grapples
  • All types of buckets, such as general purpose, grapple, tilt rotate, concrete slab, sand, and more
  • A range of other specialized excavator attachments, such as bars, forks, lifting booms, packers, rippers, shears, and more


Feel free to consult our staff if you’re looking for an expert opinion on which of our attachments will be ideal for your Link-Belt excavator. Everything we build, we build to last, so you can rest assured that our excavator attachments will be a boon to your Link-Belt excavator for the long haul.

The Best Attachments for Link-Belt Excavators

We carry all of the high-quality excavator attachments you might need for your Link-Belt excavator. Contact CMP Attachments today if you’re interested in purchasing an attachment for your Link-Belt excavator!