Excavator Attachments for Liebherr

Liebherr excavators are high-quality machines with applications in many different industries, from construction to landscaping to civil engineering. By upgrading your Liebherr with a premium excavator attachment, you can prepare it to tackle even the toughest jobs.


 Innovative American-Made Excavator Attachments

At CMP Attachments, we manufacture a huge range of excavator attachments that your Liebherr excavator can be outfitted with. Whether you use your excavator for digging, shoveling, felling trees or any other task, you’re sure to find an attachment that meets your needs. All of our excavator attachments are built right here in the USA and quality-tested to guarantee excellent performance. With our attachments on your Liebherr excavator, you’ll be an asset to every jobsite you work on.

You can use our top-quality excavator attachments on all Liebherr models, including the R 914, R 920, R 918, R 922, R 924, R 926, R 928, R930, R 934, R 936, R 938, R 940, R 945, R 950, R 956, R 960, R 972, and R 978.

Our excavator attachments for Liebherr excavators include:

  • Grapples of all types, including rotating bypass, non-rotating bypass, and Hydra models
  • Buckets for all uses, including general purpose, tilt rotate, concrete slab, grapple, sand, and others
  • Many more specialized excavator attachments, like forks, lifting booms, bars, shears, rippers, and packers

If you’re on the fence about what attachments would perform best with your Liebherr excavator, feel free to ask us any questions. All of our products are built for enduring quality and first class performance, so you and your Liebherr excavator can rely on them for many years to come.

Liebherr Excavator at jobsite

High-Performing Attachments for Liebherr Excavators

Are you in need of best-in-class attachments for your Liebherr excavator? Reach out to CMP Attachments today to learn more about our inventory of Liebherr excavator attachments!