Excavator Attachments for Kobelco

Kobelco is acclaimed as one of the finest manufacturers of excavators, and top-quality attachments can further upgrade the impressive performance specs of these machines. Sturdy, American-made grapples, buckets, and other excavator attachments will allow your Kobelco excavator to perform amazing work on every job.

First Class Excavator Attachments Made in America

CMP Attachments stand proud as a manufacturer of best-in-class excavator attachments that are compatible with all Kobelco excavators. Our team develops Kobelco excavator attachments that can be used in all industries, including demolition, construction, mining, and forestry. Every excavator attachment in our inventory is manufactured here in the United States and engineered to exceed all industry standards. Once outfitted with one of our superior excavator attachments, your Kobelco excavator will be able to power through even the toughest jobs without fail.

We produce and sell excavator attachments that can be used with all Kobelco excavator models, including the SK17SR, SK25SR, SK30SR, SK35SR, SK45SRX, SK55SRX, SK75SR, SK85SR, SK140SRLC, ED160BR, SK230SRLC, SK270SRLC, SK130LC, SK170LC, SK210LC, SK260LC, SK300LC, SK350LC, and SK390LC.

We manufacture these types of Kobelco excavator attachments:

  • Rotating and non-rotating bypass and Hydra grapples
  • General purpose and specialized buckets, including skeleton, milling, and concrete slab buckets
  • Other excavator attachments, including bars, shears, forks, packers, lifting booms, rippers, and more


If you’re not sure what excavator attachment would be the best fit for your Kobelco excavator, our dedicated staff would be happy to help you make a selection. Our state-of-the-art excavator attachments will upgrade your Kobelco excavator to help it perform above expectations on every project.

Top-Quality Attachments for Kobelco Excavators

If you’ve been searching for a trusted manufacturer of quality Kobelco excavator attachments, let your search end with us. Get in touch with CMP Attachments today to learn more about our inventory of Kobelco excavator attachments!