Excavator Attachments for Hitachi

Hitachi makes some of the greatest excavators on the market, but you’ll need equally high-quality attachments for these excavators to perform at their best. With state-of-the-art excavator attachments, including buckets and grapples, your Hitachi excavator can rise above every challenge and perform optimally on every project.

Cutting-Edge Excavator Attachments Made in the USA

CMP Attachments is a leading manufacturer of premium excavator attachments that can be used with all models of Hitachi excavators. We create a wide variety of Hitachi excavator attachments that have applications in landscaping, demolition, construction, forestry, and all other industries. Our excavator attachments are always American-made and engineered to exceed all industry standards for quality and performance. No matter what line of work your excavator is used for, rest assured that our attachments will tackle even the most rigorous jobs with ease.

Our inventory of excavator attachments are compatible with every Hitachi excavator, including the ZX17U, ZX26U, ZX30U, ZX35U, ZX50U, ZX60USB, ZX75US, ZX75US-7, ZX85USB, ZX85USB-7, ZX130-6, ZX130-7, ZX135US-6, ZX135US-7, ZX160LC-6, ZX160LC-7, ZX190LC, ZX210LC-6, ZX210LC-7, ZX245USLC-6, ZX245USLC-7, ZX250LC, ZX300LC, ZX345USLC, ZX345USLC, ZX350LC, ZX490LC, ZX690LC, and ZX890LC.

Our range of Hitachi excavator attachments consists of:

  • Hydra and bypass grapples, both rotating and non-rotating
  • All types of buckets, both general purpose and specialized options such as sand, milling, and tilt
  • Many other specialized excavator attachments, including forks, packers, bars, shears, rippers, lifting booms, and more


Our staff is proud of our excavator attachment inventory, and we would love to assist you in finding the ultimate attachment for your Hitachi excavator. When you outfit your Hitachi excavator with our top-quality attachments, you’ll enjoy peak performance and maximum efficiency on every job.

High Performance Attachments for Hitachi Excavators

Have you been seeking a reliable supplier of high-quality, American-made attachments for your Hitachi excavator? Call CMP Attachments today to learn more about our inventory of Hitachi excavator attachments!