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Pool demolition and removal can be a daunting and weathering task. Pool removal typically consists of draining the pool, tearing it down and hauling the remnants away. Thanks to our grapples designed for pool removal, your pool removal project just got easier! Our demolition grapples can break up the concrete surfaces of your pool efficiently and safely. Once the materials that make up your pool are broken down, you can then use the grapple to haul the debris away. Just fill the empty hole with soil and gravel and your project is complete!


Our excavator grapple attachments come with 360-rotation, making it easier to grab material at any angle without having to move your machine. Synchronized jaws and relatively high-speed clamping allow the grapples to open and close repeatably for increased efficiency. The attachments are made of steel so that they can handle tough conditions while still having a long-lasting life span. The biting action of these grapples helps to hold material and items stable and prevent damaged teeth. With steel teeth, these attachments have better gripping and strength compared to others and the extra-durable construction of our grapples feature hardened wear plates to avoid abrasion for extra-long life under tough conditions. They are ideal for handling broken concrete and rock, some of the more tough materials to work with. Easy operation, heavy-duty construction, and long-lasting lifespan are many reasons why our grapples are perfectly suitable for intense construction projects. Call today to purchase this grapple to make your pool removal needs easier and more efficient!

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