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Excavator Attachments For Kubota U55-5 Excavator

Would you like to purchase attachments for your Kubota U55-5 excavator?

Boasting 47.6 horsepower and a whopping 10172 pounds of bucket breakout force, the Kubota U55-5 is among the most powerful compact excavators on the market. No matter what project you're using this remarkable machine for, you'll need attachments that are equally reliable.

Exemplary Excavator Attachments

Whatever attachment you wish to upgrade your Kubota U55-5 excavator with, CMP Attachments has it in our inventory. All of our attachments are American-made and their quality is guaranteed. Our manufacturers are driven to design first-class attachments that will assist excavator operators in completing every project on-schedule and without error.

CMP Attachments knows the versatility of an excavator, and has a full scope of top-quality attachments to be used for every job. Specialty attachments available for your Kubota U55-5 include the following:

•Excavator grapples that can handle all types of materials, including Hydra, bypass, pipe clamp rotating and concrete processing grapples.
•Excavator buckets that can be used for many kinds of work, including grapple, grinder, tilting, flat-bladed and fork-toothed buckets.
•Specialty attachments for specific projects including shears, packer wheels, lifting booms, post pounders and brush cutters.
•And even more state-of-the-art attachments!

The Most Reliable Attachments For Your Kubota U55-5 Excavator

The Kubota U55-5 is one of the best excavators in its class, and our fantastic attachments will allow it to perform even more impressively! No matter the challenge at hand, a Kubota excavator upgraded with our attachments will perform stellar work. Contact CMP Attachments today to buy an amazing attachment for your Kubota U55-5!

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