Excavator Attachments For Kubota U48-5

Do you need attachments for your Kubota U48-5 excavator?
With a 40.4 horsepower engine and 9304 pounds of breakout force, the Kubota U48-5 is one of the toughest compact excavators that there is. This powerful excavator can be the perfect piece of machinery for many different jobs, and each one will require the use of a different attachment.

State-of-the-Art Excavator Attachments

CMP Attachments has every attachment that you could ever want for your Kubota U48-5 excavator in our stock. Every one of these attachments is made in America. Our technicians design these high-quality attachments in the hopes that they will allow excavator operators to perform each job with proficient speed and precision.
CMP Attachments has built top-notch attachments for every type of project that an excavator can be used for. Here are a selection of the attachments that you can mount on your Kubota U48-5:

A1 Attachments For Your Kubota U48-5 Excavator

The Kubota U48-5 is an extremely reliable compact excavator that becomes even more useful when paired with our specialty attachments! Equipped with our first-class attachments, your Kubota excavator will be able to complete any project with unparalleled efficiency. Reach out to CMP Attachments today to order the ultimate attachment for your Kubota U48-5!