Excavator Attachments For Kubota U27-4

Do you require attachments for your Kubota U27-4 excavator?
Versatile, east to operate and with 20.8 horsepower, the Kubota U27-4 is one of the handiest compact excavators you can operate. This small but sturdy excavator is effective for many jobs and can be outfitted with many attachments.

Premium Excavator Attachments

CMP Attachments is fully stocked on all attachments that can be used with your Kubota U27-4 excavator. You can rest assured of our quality, because all of our attachments are American made. Our engineers create these high-grade attachments so that excavator operators can complete every project with flawless efficiency.
These are some of the most popular attachments that can be mounted on your Kubota U27-4:

High Quality Attachments For Your Kubota U27-4 Excavator

The Kubota U27-4 is one of the most reputable compact excavators on the market, and our attachments can make it perform even better! Once modified with our attachments, your Kubota excavator will be able to handle even the toughest of jobs. Get in touch with CMP Attachments today to order superior attachments for your Kubota U27-4!