Excavator Attachments For Kubota KX71-3S

Are you in need of attachments for your Kubota KX71-3S excavator?
The Kubota KX71-3S is a comfortable and efficient compact excavator with a 24 horsepower engine and best-in-class handling. This excavator can be used for many different projects, and each project might require you to use a different excavator attachment.

Top Tier Excavator Attachments

CMP Attachments has an inventory of every type of attachment that is compatible with your Kubota KX71-3S excavator. Every one of these attachments is 100% American made to guarantee quality. Our team aims to build high-quality attachments that will be a great help to excavator operators on all kinds of jobs.
Here are a few of the attachments that you can set up on your Kubota KX71-3S:

The Top Attachments For Your Kubota KX71-3S Excavator

The Kubota KX71-3S is an extremely reliable compact excavator and, once outfitted with our attachments, you’ll be amazed at what it can do! Upgraded with our attachments, your Kubota excavator will make short work of any project. Get in contact with CMP Attachments today to purchase the ultimate attachment for your Kubota KX71-3S!