Excavator Attachments for Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH

Do you require first-class excavator attachments for your Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH excavator?
The Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH is an absolute powerhouse thanks to its maximum lifting capacity of 44,700 lbs. As if that wasn’t enough, this behemoth produces 257 horsepower @ 1,950 rpm, giving you enough grunt to get the job done.
Despite its ingenious technology and raw power, there can still be situations that stump the Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH. When these occasions strike, the solution is simple: purchase a specialized excavator attachment from CMP Attachments!

Professional-Grade Excavator Attachments

The expert engineers at CMP Attachments can provide an impressive lineup of dedicated excavator attachments to help your Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH deal with any task. Each of our professional-grade attachments is 100% American-made in our state-of-the-art factory. We never compromise on quality while still delivering a competitive price.
Some of our all-star Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH excavator attachments include:

Hand-Crafted Excavator Attachments for your Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH

For most construction and excavation tasks, your Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH is the ultimate tool for the job. However, some fiddly or technical jobs demand more specialized equipment. To find the right attachment for your Komatsu PC390LC-11 WH excavator, call CMP Attachments today!