Excavator Attachments for Komatsu PC390LC-11 MH

Do you require specialized excavator attachments for your Komatsu PC390LC-11 MH excavator?
On a big construction job, you sometimes need to haul huge amounts of material. The Komatsu PC390LC-11 MH is the perfect mid-sized excavator for the job. Its grapple attachment has a grapple capacity of 1.25 yd³ and a maximum reach of 48 ft.
Occasionally, a task will come up that demands a little more from your Komatsu PC390LC-11 MH. These jobs call for specialist equipment like the high-quality excavator attachments from CMP Attachments!

First-Class Excavator Attachments

At CMP Attachments, we can prepare your Komatsu PC390LC-11 MH for even the most difficult task thanks to our range of specialized excavator attachments. We hand-craft each of our attachments in our factory, making them 100% USA-made. There’s no better guarantee of our outstanding quality and workmanship than that.
Our array of first-class, American-made excavator attachments for the Komatsu PC390LC-11 MH include:

America's Leading Excavator Attachment Specialists

Whether you’re hauling bags of ballast or lifting steel beams into place, your Komatsu PC390LC-11 MH is a dependable workhorse machine. However, even this impressive excavator can occasionally struggle with more technical tasks. To keep your project running smoothly, call CMP Attachments today to outfit your PC390LC-11 MH with one of our premium excavator attachments.