Excavator Attachments for Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH

Does your Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH need a specialist excavator attachment?
Few large excavators are as powerful or as dependable as the Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH. Komatsu’s flagship machine boasts 257 horsepower at 1950 rpm and a maximum lifting capacity of over 45,000 lbs. Add this raw power to all the impressive technology onboard, and you’ve got a versatile, powerful excavator that can handle any task.
But even with the Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH’s impressive specs, some jobs call for more than brute force. In these cases, using specialized excavator attachments is the way to go.

Specialized Excavator Attachments

At CMP Attachments, we know that sometimes you need extra equipment to get the job done right. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive range of specialized excavator attachments to help you tackle tough jobs. We have a broad range of attachments that are 100% compatible with your Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH. Each of our high-quality attachments is designed and built in America by our expert engineers.
Our lineup of attachments for the Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH includes:

The Best Excavator Attachments for your Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH

The Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH is one of the best excavators on the market and it can work all the harder when outfitted with one of our specialized excavator attachments. When you need well-made attachments that are built to last, you can’t go wrong with CMP Attachments.
Contact CMP Attachments today if you need a high-quality excavator attachment for your Komatsu PC360LC-11 WH!