Excavator Attachments for Komatsu PC290LC-11

Do you need excavator attachments for your Komatsu PC290LC-11?
Few mid-sized excavators can match the sheer power and earth-moving capabilities of the Komatsu PC290LC-11. Packing 196 horsepower at 2,000 rpm, the PC290LC-11 is a heavy-duty machine with a maximum operating weight of over 72,000 lbs. The durable undercarriage allows this machine to cope with rough terrain during excavations.
Despite its size and power, the Komatsu PC290LC-11 is still easy to control due to its closed-center load-sensing hydraulics. It’s also designed with sustainability in mind thanks to a diesel particulate filter that helps produce cleaner emissions. However, some difficult tasks may require specialized excavator attachments.

Innovative Excavator Attachments Made in the USA

At CMP Attachments, our engineers have developed an arsenal of specially designed excavator attachments for the Komatsu PC290LC-11. These attachments are designed and built in our state-of-the-art factory in Minnesota. Our attachments are built with cost, reliability and versatility in mind to help you tackle any job.
Our huge range of Komatsu PC290LC-11 excavator attachments consists of:

Heavy-Duty Excavator Attachments for Your Komatsu PC290LC-11

The Komatsu PC290LC-11 is one of the finest excavators on the market and pairing it with high-quality attachments can make it perform even more impressively. Call CMP Attachments today if you need specialized American-made excavator attachments for your Komatsu PC290LC-11 excavator!