Excavator Attachments for Komatsu PC240LC-11 SLF

Does your Komatsu PC240LC-11 SLF require specialized excavator attachments?
Thanks to its super long front arrangement, the Komatsu PC240LC-11 SLF provides exceptional reach and stability. This powerful mid-sized excavator produces 177 horsepower at 2,000 rpm to lift heavy loads. The maximum bucket size of 0.75 yd³ allows the PC240LC-11 SLF to clear material quickly and efficiently.
The Komatsu PC240LC-11 SLF is the ideal mid-sized excavator for your next project, especially with its smooth bucket control and exceptional stability while at full stretch. However, sometimes you might need to add custom excavator attachments to your PC240LC-11 SLF to get difficult jobs done.

Versatile American-Made Excavator Attachments

CMP Attachments produces a huge variety of specialized excavator attachments for heavy machinery like the Komatsu PC240LC-11 SLF. Each attachment is designed and fabricated in the USA at our top-of-the-line facility using professional-grade materials. With our high-grade attachments, no task is too big for your Komatsu machine.
Our lineup of Komatsu PC240LC-11 SLF excavator attachments includes:

Industry-Leading Komatsu PC240LC-11 Excavator Attachments

Your Komatsu PC240LC-11 is a hard-working machine and our premium attachments can make sure it gets the job done every time. Get in touch with CMP Attachments today if you need excavator attachments for your Komatsu PC240LC-11 SLF!