Excavator Attachments for Komatsu PC240LC-11

Does your Komatsu PC240LC-11 excavator require specialized excavator attachments?
The Komatsu PC240LC-11 excavator is a high-production mid-size excavator that can handle a wide range of tasks. This hydraulic excavator has plenty of grunt, producing 177 horsepower at 2,000 rpm. It also features a range of bucket sizes from 0.76 to 1.85 yd³, allowing it to move earth and over materials at an impressive rate.
The Komatsu PC240LC-11 isn’t just brawny though. This excavator is exceptionally smooth and quick to operate thanks to its closed-center load-sensing hydraulics. It also features a large, comfortable cabin with an air suspension seat, allowing your operators to work in more comfort than many other excavators.

Specialized Komatsu PC240LC-11 Excavator Attachments

Despite its power and stability, even the Komatsu PC240LC-11 excavator needs a helping hand for more challenging tasks. Thankfully, CMP Attachments designs and manufactures innovative excavator attachments for the Komatsu PC240LC-11. All of these attachments are made right here in America, providing excellent quality and durability.
Our lineup of premium excavator attachments for the Komatsu PC240LC-11 includes:

The Best Excavator Attachments for Your Komatsu PC240LC-11

If you need high-quality 100% American-made excavator attachments for your excavator, we’ve got you covered. Give CMP Attachments a call today if you’re interested in purchasing an attachment for your Komatsu PC240LC-11!