Excavator Attachments for John Deere 130G Excavators

When it comes to purchasing a high-quality John Deere 130G excavator attachment, it’s hard to beat the quality that comes from CMP Attachments. Our team manufactures a wide variety of excavator attachments for any industry and project.
There’s no job too big or too small for the 130G. Designed and built with advanced tools, this powerful machine delivers fast and efficient performance whether equipped with a bucket, post pounder or grapple.
But, without attachments, the John Deere 130G excavator will be much less productive. These valuable investments play a significant role in different applications while turning your excavator into a more versatile piece of machinery. At CMP, we believe that excavator attachments should not only do the job well, but they should also be built to last.

Top John Deere Excavator Attachments

That’s why we manufacture a range of excavator attachments for the John Deere 130G using high-quality materials at our shop in the Twin Cities, MN area. From heavy-duty grapples to auger bits and soil preparators, all of our USA-made attachments are engineered for maximum performance and safety. They include:
Whether you need something simple like a bucket or a rotating grapple attachment, you can count on us to get what you need for a job well done and at an affordable price. Put our service to the test and let us help you discover the right John Deere 130G excavator attachment for your needs.