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CMP Attachments - Skid Steer - Hydraulic

Don't have a tractor, but want to disc some ground? (Disk, whatever you like.)

We've developed the Hydra Disk, an ultra heavy duty hydraulic adjustable disk harrow for your skid steer. Thick discs and an overbuilt chassis make sure the push and pull from being on the front of your skid doesn't bend or tweak any components.

For the hunters out there, food plots can be prepared with ease, and for the hobby farmers, land developers, and utility contactors, the skids you have on the job can be used to their full potential breaking up and turning over dense growth and weeded ground.

With some operating practice, you can achieve good ground penetration and consistent flotation in tighter spaces than a 3-point setup on a tractor can reach.

**3-Point hitch mounting on the front end is available upon request so you can use it with both your skid and tractor should you need.

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