Everyone can tell you the best way to build a shed. Very few can tell you the best way to build a mansion. Simple tasks call for simple solutions, but complex tasks take a bit more know-how. We have that know-how.

CMP was built by a guy who can imagine himself as the hydraulic fluid flowing from your machine, through the hydraulic motors and cylinders, and back– in the most efficient way possible. This is why we’re able to innovate and create so many groundbreaking attachments, because they work. They’ll work for your shed build or your mansion, and they’ll be cheap at twice the price.

Skid and mini excavator Hydraulic Rafter Booms, Hydra Buckets, Grapples, Concrete Pouring Buckets, Vibratory Rollers, Packing Wheels, and Leveling Bars are all weapons we offer for the construction contractor’s arsenal.