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CMP Attachments Road Reclaimer
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We've created the toughest, hardest working road shoulder reclaimer ever. When presented with the choice of purchasing massive amounts of additional aggregate and manpower to put it down vs one employee using your mower tractor, we think the answer is a no-brainer. The CMP Attachments Road Shoulder Reclaimer enables existing gravel to be repurposed, which frees up resources. Safe roads require gravel on the shoulder to be level with the asphalt. Gravel shoulders develop ridges and ruts and the gravel tends to get clogged with weeds and sod, sliding down into the ditch, leaving a dangerous dropoff at the pavement edge. The CMP Attachments Road Reclaimer is an extremely innovative attachment which will solve this problem much easier and faster than the traditional method of buying and hauling tons of new aggregate to maintain the roadside.


  • Heavy duty construction utilizing AR-400 hardened steel sides.

  • Drum is covered with 100 carbide cutter teeth to pulverize and shred the shoulder.

  • Carbide tips on auger drum are replaceable.

  • Motor is housed directly in the drum for ultimate wear and protection.

  • Auger drum is 60" wide.

  • Boom is made from T1 steel, three times stronger than standard steel.

  • Boom is 8' wide and folds up.

  • Built in relief valve for repeat stalling.

  • 1,000 RPM PTO hydraulic system.

  • Hydraulics produce 45 GPM.

  • 3,000 PSI pressure.

  • Hydraulic system draws 80 HP from the tractor.

  • Category 2 or 3 3-point hitch.

  • Weight is 2,800 lbs, you won't lose contact with the ground.

  • Signature red, white, and blue tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability, prevents rust, and makes a statement.

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