Cat 316F L Excavator Attachments

While mini excavators are great for small projects on residential properties or in compact commercial areas, this Caterpillar excavator is perfect for all of your mid sized projects. Whether you’re needing to demolish a house, lay pipes, dig out basement areas in a residential area, or any other mid-sized project, the CAT 316F L will be the perfect machine for you.
This model is equipped with a 117 hp capacity and a digging depth of 20 feet. Also, you won’t need to worry about fuel consumption as much since this model is equipped with both high power and eco mode. The Caterpillar 316F L is built to perform and excel throughout all kinds of tasks.

Quality Excavator Attachments

Though the CAT 316 F L is an amazing excavator with capabilities to breeze through all kinds of different projects, there is no replacement to having high quality excavator attachments.
With the Caterpillar 316F L providing the power and controls of the operation, our high quality excavator attachments will allow the excavator to execute the job with ease. Whether you’re needing a durable dirt bucket, shear ripper or one of our incredible hydragrapple excavator attachments, you’ll be sure to complete the project in no time.
To learn more about all of the different excavator attachments we offer along with our excavator grapple attachment, contact us today! Our team of professional excavator attachment experts is ready to speak with you!