Excavator Attachments for Caterpillar 315F L

When it comes to needing a high quality excavator to complete a demanding job, there’s no better option than a Caterpillar. Specifically, if you’re needing a reliable excavator that isn’t too small, but isn’t too big, the Caterpillar 315F L is the best option for you and your team of operators.
Powered by a 97 HP engine and having a maximum digging depth of almost 20 feet, the CAT 315F L will get the job done with ease. Equipped with a Cat® C4.4 engine, this machine will operate for many years with its Grease Lubricated Track (GLT) undercarriage, optional auxiliary hydraulics system and real-time bucket tip positioning. For anyone needing a quality excavator, this is the one.

High Quality Grapple Attachments

Though having a reliable excavator is one major factor in getting your project done, the other aspect is having a reliable excavator attachment. Whether you’re needing a sheer ripper attachment, dirt bucket, post pounder or grapple attachment for your CAT 315F L, you’ll find everything you need here at CMP Attachments.
To complete your excavator project with ease, contact the excavator attachment professionals at CMP Attachments to learn more about the best attachment for you. Specifically, ask about our excavator grapple attachments to complete the toughest of outdoors jobs. Call today!