Excavator Attachments For Caterpillar 315

With so many options to choose from, picking a high quality excavator may seem like a difficult task. However, when you look closer, the choice becomes obvious. With the Caterpillar 315 Excavator, you can complete tasks at your jobsite with quickness and ease.
With its 19.6 feet of digging depth capability, 108 horsepower of operation and the impressive CAT C3.6 engine, the CAT 315 excavator will be just what you need to efficiently complete tasks at your jobsite. While boasting the above capabilities, this excavator also has multiple features such as, Cat GRADE with Advanced 2D or 3D, a 13% larger cab, Bluetooth key fob, and many other features.

Durable CAT Excavator Attachments

While having these features is an added bonus, there is one item that will directly influence the efficiency of completing your work; your excavator attachment. Here at CMP Attachments, we manufacture high quality excavator attachments such as the robust rotating grapple, dirt buckets, rippers, post pounders and many more. With these excavator attachments, you CAT 315 will be working as effectively as possible.
If you’re looking to outfit your Cat 315 excavator with a high quality and effective rotating grapple attachment, contact the pros at CMP Attachments today. Our excavator attachment experts will work with you to choose the right attachment for your work site.