Caterpillar 313F L Excavator Attachments

There aren’t many excavators better than Caterpillar’s robust 313F L. If you’re looking for a high quality excavator with 92 HP, a maximum digging depth of 19.8 feet, and an incredibly fuel-efficient CAT C4.4 engine, this is the excavator for you and your company.
While this may not be the biggest excavator, the 313F L excavator is more than capable of completing big jobs. If your company is looking for a machine to dig, clear or demolish on your jobsite, you will have no issues completing these tasks. Along with its power to complete various projects, the Caterpillar 313F L features an incredible automatic engine speed control system, Grease Lubricated Track undercarriage, Rollover Protection Structure and many more features.

Heavy Duty Caterpillar Attachments

While all of these features in the CAT 313F L excavator are amazing additions, there is nothing that helps this excavator complete its job more than high quality excavator attachments. To assist in your productivity at the jobsite, CMP Attachmentshas manufactured the finest excavator attachments to be used by the Caterpillar 313F L excavator. If you need a rotating grapple attachment, durable dirt bucket, strong ripper or any other attachment, you can count on CMP Attachments.
For all of your rotating grapple attachment needs for your CAT excavator, call the excavator attachment pros at CMP Attachments. Our friendly service team will work with you to pick out the best attachment for what you and your company need. Contact us today!