Excavator Attachments for Caterpillar 313

When it comes to reputable excavators, Caterpillar is known as one of most high quality brands in the nation. With their high level of reliability, number of available features and countless models of excavators to choose from, you can be assured that there is just the perfect CAT excavator for you and your heavy duty tasks.
There is no doubt that your digging or clearing project will be completed with ease when operating the Caterpillar 313. This excavator model features an interior cab area that is second to none. Featuring a robust AC system to keep you cool during the hot summer days and a suspension ride seat to provide more comfort while traveling over difficult terrain, this excavator is a great option. TheNext Generation Monitor also is a great feature as it clearly displays machine information to the operator. Although this excavator utilizes complex systems, the CAT 313 functions with ease as it’s powered by a 108 HP engine.

High Quality Grapple Attachments

While the excavator is a great machine, it’s only as good as the excavator attachments that it uses. At CMP Attachments, our team creates the best excavator attachments for the Caterpillar 313. If you and your company are needing a heavy duty dirt bucket, ripper, or even a rotating hydragrapple, we have just the attachment that you’ll be looking for..
If you need top quality excavator attachments for your Caterpillar 313 excavator such as a grapple attachment, contact the experts at CMP Attachments today. Our crew of excavator grapple attachment professionals will help you choose the perfect one for the job.. Contact us today!