Caterpillar 311F L RR Excavator Attachments

There aren’t many machines better than the incredible 311F L RR excavator from Caterpillar. With a maximum digging depth of 18 feet and 71 horsepower operation, there aren’t a whole lot of jobs this machine can’t complete.
This small excavator from Caterpillar is a great option for those who are needing a small, but powerful, machine to complete jobs such as digging, clearing or demolishing. The great part about this machine is that you can complete all of these tasks from the comfort of a well-designed cab. Inside you’ll find a side view camera that provides an extra layer of safety, a roll-over protective structure certified cab and a comfortable and adjustable seat.

Rotating Grapple Attachment For Excavators

While these features are helpful when operating your excavator the most important aspect of having an effective excavator is its attachments. Here at CMP Attachments, we manufacture the finest excavator attachments for the CAT 311F L RR excavator. Whether you’re needing a durable dirt bucket, strong ripper or the best rotating grapple attachment you’ve used, we have what you’re looking for.
For all of your rotating grapple attachment needs for your small excavator, call CMP Attachments. Our friendly service team will work with you to find out which attachment is best for you and your project. Contact us today!