Excavator Attachments for 309 CR VAB Mini Excavator

When It comes to excavators, Caterpillar is one of the best brands there is. Boastin reliability, special features and many different models, there’s sure to be the perfect CAT excavator for you and your project.
With the Caterpillar 309 CR VAB, you can be sure that your project will be completed easily and quickly. This excavator features a comfortable cab complete with an AC system and a suspension ride seat. Additionally, its Next Generation Monitor serves the operator well by clearly displaying important machine information. While featuring many complex systems, this excavator is built with a surprisingly simple system in order for servicing tasks to be completed easily.

Heavy Duty Caterpillar Excavator Attachments

While the machine itself is impressive, it’s also able to utilize attachments extremely well. Here at CMP Attachments, we create the finest excavator attachments to be used with the Caterpillar 309 CR VAB. Whether you’re looking for the durable dirt bucket, ripper, or even the incredible rotating grapple, we have just the solution for you and your excavating team.
If you’re looking for the highest quality Caterpillar 309 CR VAB excavator grapple attachments, call the professionals at CMP Attachments today. Our team of excavator attachment specialists will direct you to the perfect excavator attachment for your specific needs. Contact us today!