Mini Excavator Attachments For Caterpillar 309 CR

When you’re looking for the best excavator for your outdoor forestry or construction projects, turn to Caterpillar for your mini excavator needs. Specifically, the Caterpillar 309 CR mini excavator will provide just what you need to complete the job. This model is packed with 70.3 HP, a dig depth of 183 inches, a comfort-filled cab with state-of-the-art controls, and so much more. Along with these features includes its signature Cat C3.3B diesel engine, cruise control, a pressurized cab with operator sound pressure of 72 dB(A), and bluetooth accessibility.

Heavy Duty Caterpillar Attachments

While all of the bells and whistles are a great addition, one of the most important aspects of an exceptional excavator is its attachments. Here at CMP Attachments, we are proud to provide the finest excavator attachments for the Caterpillar 309 CR. Whether you need a high quality dirt bucket to dig trenches or an innovative grapple attachment for your forestry or construction projects, CMP Attachments has you covered.
Contact the excavator attachment professionals at CMP Attachments today for all of your Caterpillar 309 CR attachment needs!