Caterpillar 308 CR VAB Excavator Attachments

The Caterpillar brand is synonymous with premier mini excavators. If you’re looking for one of the best mini excavators on the market, look no further than the incredible Caterpillar 308 CR VAB mini excavator. This machine is much like the 308 CR, but it also features a Variable Angle Boom (VAB) to enhance its capabilities on the jobsite. In tighter project areas, this excavator will have improved flexibility to reach just the right location where a hole needs to be dug or metal needs to be laid. The Cat 308 CR VAB also features exceptional cab air conditioning to provide relief during the hot summer days, along with a back up camera to ensure safety for all on the jobsite.

Tough Excavator Attachments

While all of the bells and whistles provide a great experience, having a high quality excavator attachment is one of the most important features of the Cat excavator. At CMP Attachments, we’re proud to provide some of the best mini excavator attachments for the Caterpillar 308 CR VAB. Whether you need an innovative excavator grapple attachments for demolition, contractors or forestry applications. We also manufacture durable dirt buckets to provide a reliable digging solution.
In order to have the finest working excavator, you will need the finest excavator attachments. Contact CMP Attachments today for all of your Caterpillar 308 CR VAB mini excavator attachments!