Excavator Attachments for Cat 307.5 Mini Excavator

As a globally recognized brand, Caterpillar has earned its reputation of being one of the best companies to manufacture compact excavators. When It comes to producing specific excavators for specific tasks, they hit the nail on the head with their incredible Caterpillar 307.5 Mini Excavator. Equipped with countless features, this machine is able to complete each job with ease. A step up from the lesser 300-models, the Cat 307.5 excavator features a refreshing air conditioning system to work during the hot days of summer and it’s signature Cat Stick Steer travel mode. This model also has a back up camera, intuitive excavator controls, a suspension seat and much more.

Durable Caterpillar Attachments

All of these features are amazing, but an excavator is only as good as its attachments. To ensure your machine performs to its highest capacity, we have created the finest Caterpillar 307.5 mini excavator attachments. Whether you’re looking for an attachment to help dig trenches, grab tree trunks, or break through tough pavement or gravel, CMP Attachments has the excavator attachment for you. Specifically, the hydra-grapple attachment and bypass grapple excavator attachments are incredible tools to help complete your project with ease and efficiency.
If you’re looking for the finest Caterpillar 307.5 mini excavator grapple attachments, it’s time to contact the professionals at CMP Attachments. Call today and we’ll help you find just the excavator attachment to help improve your operations!