High Quality Bobcat E45 Excavator Attachments

When you own the Bobcat E45 Compact Excavator, you have one of the best pieces of mini excavator technologies in the entire industry. Being an upgrade from the E42 model, this E45 excavator is fully loaded with impressive interior control systems, cab comfort features, depth check technology and much more. The Bobcat E45 is a tremendous option for space restricted outdoor projects while still needing the heavy lifting capabilities of a mini excavator. While these features are amazing and contribute to more efficient work on the jobsite, one of the most impressive features of this machine is its Hydraulic X-Change System. Having this unique technology makes attaching and detaching your buckets, grapples or rippers that much easier.

Mini Excavator Attachments

Whether you need to switch out your bucket for your ripper, or your shears for your grapple, this can all be done by the push of a button. And when you’re looking for a quality attachment to use on the jobsite with this technology, why settle for the basic option? At CMP Attachments, we will provide the best custom, USA-made attachment for all of your excavator needs. Call us today to learn more about how we can provide the best excavator attachment for your Bobcat E45 Compact Excavator.