CMP Attachments For Bobcat E145 Excavator Model

CMP Attachments knows exactly what you need to succeed at your jobsite. In order to have your Bobcat E145 Compact Excavator working to its full efficiency, you need to make sure that the main excavator attachment is high quality and will not be compromised when working on any given project. That is why we have created durable, heavy duty compact excavator attachments for the Bobcat E145 Compact Excavator.

USA-Made Excavator Attachments

The Bobcat E145 model is the largest of Bobcat’s compact excavators and proves to be its most advanced by its countless features. Best used on roadways and other large projects, this excavator features 115 horsepower along with four different power modes in order to match the job demands. It also features heat and air conditioning, updated sound controls and increased lifting capabilities. These upgrades prove to be extremely beneficial when our CMP excavator grapple attachments or buckets are attached and working on demanding projects.
If you’re looking to add one of our high quality excavator grapple attachments, contact the professionals at CMP Attachments today and we’ll be glad to help you find just what you need.