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Tractor 3 Point Hydra Rake

The Hydra-Rake is truly an industrial masterpiece. It demolishes the competition with its durability and weight to engage the ground and pulverize any soil in its path. Till and level ground faster, saving time, saving money. There are no shafts, chains or gear boxes to cause break downs. The hydraulic motor is housed in the drum and carbide teeth guarantee cutting contact on every inch of the ground. It also has a built in relief valve for repeat stalling of the drum which allows you to continue working. The Hydra-Rake has a superior hydraulic filter system, heavy duty oil cooler and heavy duty 4.75 inch drum bearing. With this unit's heft and power, you'll destroy the competition and get your new yard, leveling, or restoration project done faster.


  • Heavy duty construction utilizing AR-400, AR-200 & Grade-50 material.

  • Drum is covered with 100 carbide cutter teeth to pulverize and shred anything in its path.

  • Motor is housed directly in the drum for ultimate protection.

  • Hydraulic tilt.

  • Built in relief valve for repeat stalling.

  • Recommended for 30-80 hp tractors.

  • Superior hydraulic filtration system.

  • Heavy duty oil cooler.

  • Heavy duty 4.75 inch drum bearing.

  • Available as a tractor mount or skidsteer mount. 

  • Drum on the skid steer mount is bi-directional.

  • Signature red, white, and blue tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability, prevents rust, and makes a statement.

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3-Point Hydra Rake - CMP 1
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