We carry heavy-duty and efficient grapples that are designed to pick up and remove rocks from a surface, without picking up the dirt. Perfect for your landscaping and rock loading/unloading needs, our grapple excavator attachments are sure to assist with whatever you need! Rock grapples are also designed to do more than just picking up rocks. These grapples make the task of picking up rocks, logs, brush and easier than ever. It can move a variety of material without taking the dirt in, thanks to the innovative design of the steel tines and the open bottom. Sift through dirt and remove whatever rocky material you need!


The resilient tines are constructed of one piece of steel and the raised ridge in the center of these tines secure rocks more while digging and loading. For added strength, tine tips are also fully gusseted. The grapple’s open back not only allows dirt to fall through but increases visibility so that you can see your load more clearly. They also feature corrosion, dent, and flake resistant cylinder rods for long-term performance and life span. For increased durability, the grapples have coated bushings for added lubrication at jaw hinge as well as greaseable cylinder pins and hinge pins. If you’re in need of a grapple attachment that can handle rocks and other heavy-duty materials, call us today to purchase your very own rock grapple!