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The Pipe Clamp Grapple allows for the strongest rotating, tilting, and clamping of pipe with precision and control. PVC, concrete, corrugated steel– whatever the weight or fragility, our pipe grapple is the most efficient option for laying and positioning with an excavator on the job.


  • Dual rotational drive motors on models HG82 and larger, provide industry-leading rotational torque.


  • USA made motors have built in cross reliefs which serve as a cushion when stopping rotation under load.


  • Body is built with T1 steel, which is 3X stronger than standard steel.


  • Our rigid quality control during manufacturing ensures reliability and consistency.


  • Extra large slewing bearings provide the foundation of the rotational drive.


  • Our exclusive hydraulic cylinder lock valves efficiently hold pipe without needing to continuously apply auxiliary hydraulic pressure.


  • Stress-proof bolts are able to withstand tremendous amounts of flexing and fatigue over the lifetime of the grapple.


  • Electronic diverter valve option eliminates the need for expensive secondary auxiliary hydraulics on an excavator.


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