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Need an excavator attachment for your next landscaping project? Our high-end and top-performing grapples have you covered and will not disappoint! We carry a variety of grapple attachments for a range of applications. Our landscaping grapples are perfect for your landscaping needs as they are designed to dig, rake, pile, load and unload debris and other material. 


The increased jaw opening of our grapples allows the handler to back-drag or rake debris. The heavy-duty jaw and rake-tines are made entirely of steel for increased durability and cylinder guards are included. Hoses are equipped with hydraulic flat-face couplers. To protect the hoses, they are hidden and routed through the back of the scrap bucket for a quick hook up. Hydraulic cylinder guards protect the grapple during high impact and weathering tasks as well as operate on their own to adjust for uneven loads. This feature of the cylinder adds to the attachment’s overall safety and stability when carrying large or oddly shapes items/loads. The grapple's heavy-duty steel frame and greaseable hinge pins are additional features that ensure durability and long-lasting lifespan.


With a landscaping grapple, you are sure to improve efficiency and reduce time and labor costs. Call today to purchase one of our powerful grapple attachments for your landscaping needs!

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