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At CMP Attachments we carry a variety of excavator grapples for all of your specific project needs for forestry and logging contractors. Our forestry grapples are capable of taking on a variety of heavy-duty responsibilities. These attachments are commonly used for forestry projects as they can handle and lift a variety of different types of wood. For shovel logging, loading, sorting and multi-stem handling, our excavator grapples are sure to get the job done!


The bypass grapple is designed to efficiently handle anything from single logs all the way to full cords of pulpwood. Grabbing a full load has never been easier thanks to our grapple attachments! Our forestry grapples also feature 360-degree rotation, adding to their versatility and ability to grab from hard-to-reach places. The single-center pin design and tight grapple closure make this attachment perfect for solidly and securely fastening logs for quick and easy loading and unloading. It can handle loads from tree length to cut stems and is made entirely of high-strength steel for long-term performance. Hydraulic cylinders give this attachment maximum clamping power and strength. This grapple will not damage grasses at ground level like other attachments, due to its innovative design. Call today to order your very own grapple for your next logging operation!

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