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Our Skid Steer Forestry Head is a gamechanger when it comes to clearing brush. This attachment features both a powerful hydraulic grapple and a carbide-toothed drum.


While not as aggressive as a dedicated forestry mulcher, it can tackle up to 4" trees comfortably, and eat through weeds, brush, and undergrowth easily. The high RPM of mulchers adds its own complications of balance, safety, and awareness. Our Forestry Head provides a more approachable solution than a a mulcher, while also proving more effective than a deck style brush cutter.

Relief valves and a bidirectional drum ensure that no rocks or stumps are likely to cause damage to the unit.


  • 72" Wide

  • Recommended Minimum Flow of 26 GPM

  • 30-40 GPM Ideal for Optimal Use

  • Weight: 1675lbs

  • 4" Max Material Cut

  • Dual Motors

  • Direct Drive

  • Replaceable Carbide Teeth

  • Built in Relief Valves

  • Continuous Flow Diverter Valve allows operator to run grapple while mulcher is not engaged.

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