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The hydraulic demolition grapple’s powerful grip and crushing strength make this the perfect attachment for demolition! Designed for projects such as demolition, recycling, excavation and salvage operations, this grapple is heavy duty and incredibly strong to handle even the toughest of material. Specifically made for loading, sorting and separating debris such as rock, concrete, wood, and metal. Whatever the material, this grapple is strong enough to handle it.


Our demolition grapples for excavators feature 360-degree hydraulic rotation and interchangeable claws, making them extremely versatile and efficient for grabbing and handling large loads and materials on site. The attachment versatility allows it to adapt to whatever material it is handling, increasing your efficiency and lowering your labor costs. The horizontal hydraulic cylinder provides maximum load height. Its wide dimensions and steel cutting edges are made to significantly increase the life span of the grapples so that they can provide years of service in the toughest of conditions. Heavy-duty construction makes the grapples abrasion-resistant. They are also designed with bypassing tines that can easily crush and load construction debris. The maximum crushing force of our attachments can densify material safely and efficiently, with high strength tines that can withstand intense force. If you need a high performing grapple to save you time and labor costs, our grapple attachments are perfect! Call today to purchase a grapple for your next demolition project.

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