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The tilt cylinder and rotation module are bolt-on components for our Modular System. This allows you to start with a premium USA made bare bucket/forks/etc., add tilt when you’re ready to upgrade, and finish it off with the rotate functionality when you want maximum efficiency. Or get everything at once, it's a smoking deal regardless.


Rather than dealing with the flow restriction and slower operating speeds of a tiltrotator, this direct-flow solution provides substantially more speed and power going directly to the attachment. The trade-off is that it's all one piece, rather than a standalone joint to couple to all your attachments. But it's 1/4 the cost, so, you be the judge.


  • Heavy duty construction utilizing AR-400, AR-200 & Grade-50 material.

  • 360° rotation.

  • 35° Hydraulic tilt each direction.

  • Removable hardened cutting edge.

  • Tough powder coat finish ensures long lasting durability, and prevents rust.


Call 763-760-0720 or click the button to get yours.

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