My name is Derek, I have a wife and 2 daughters and 1 son and live in Becker MN. I am the owner of CMP Attachments LLC. My goal has been to own and operate my own business serving customers with the highest quality products and am proud to say that all our products are made in the USA. I have always had a passion for equipment and building new things that stemmed from childhood. We have learned over the years how to be innovative and carry ideas throughout the whole business process. We currently build all of our products and our goal is to continue to expand our business locally and in turn create jobs in the USA. It is a high priority of mine to provide products that are 100% USA made which is becoming too rare these days. We have always loved challenges and meeting good hardworking people along the way, so this has been a very enjoyable journey so far. We started off making 3 point dethatchers out of my garage and it then lead into zero turn dethatchers and continues to lead into more new things such as aerators, power dirt buckets, grapples, traffic grinders, road reclaimers, mini skid attachments, excavator brush cutters, forestry heads, tree shears, ground leveling equipment, fertilizer spreaders, and more that we hope to bring to the table in the years to come. We have put a lot of thought and effort into designing each piece and it is our mission to keep in mind that cost and reliability must not only exceed the competition but at a lower cost and all be USA built. We also strive to learn from the consumer, taking in feedback and making changes as necessary to help keep our products at the top in quality and reliability. We are very aware that our success so far could not have been achieved if it was not for the dealers that have given CMP Attachments a chance and the opportunity to serve them and the customers buying our product. This has paved a very nice road for CMP Attachments to follow so we hope to help you along our journey and save you money and time and keep us all thriving in this great country, The USA.